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    Reaction to Crisis: Adult Higher Education’s Lessons Learned

    A new study captures the voices of adult learners and highlights ways higher education institutions can help them navigate unique challenges and provide needed support now and in the future.
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    Meeting Them Where They Are: the ‘Concierge’ Approach to Serving Adult Learners at CUNY CSI

    Neila Green is director of adult learners and an adjunct professor of psychology at the College of Staten Island (CSI), which is within The City University of New York, a CAEL member. She has a knack...
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    Community Eclipses Technology When Creating Scalable Solutions for Working Adult Learners

    Work Learn Earn (WLE) is an online career exploration tool that empowers job seekers to discover career and educational pathways within their community or within an industry. Anyone who sees an...
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    Conversations With CAEL: Jennifer Sparrow, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for CUNY SPS

    Around the start of a new year, it’s common for people to reflect on change – maybe make a few predictions. A new decade? Even more so. The 2020s will be our sixth decade of advocating for working...
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    How Shasta College is Helping Working Adult Learners to Come up ACEs

    Shasta College successfully implements accelerated programs, gateway programs to four-year degrees, and a degree-reclamation program to help working adult learners achieve success in degree...
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    Trauma Impacts Adult Learners: Here’s Why

    We live in a world surrounded by trauma. There’s no doubt about it.  The trauma comes from a myriad of sources including childhood adverse experiences, natural disasters and shootings in locations...
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