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    XP Marks the Spot: Flexibility and Focus Meet in Ohio’s New Graduation Requirements

    Ohio's high school class of 2023 will be the first to graduate under a reimagined set of state requirements. Much like the education-employment pathways they emphasize, the requirements overlap in...
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    Call for Proposals: Enhancements for CAEL’s Skills Compass Platform

    CAEL is pursuing a third-party vendor to develop Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) functionality and Application Programming Interface (API) for its newly developed Skills Compass...
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    Truist Foundation announces Where It Starts, a $22M initiative to support small businesses and create career opportunities for communities of color

    Media Contact: Kristen Fraser, Truist|kristen.fraser@truist.com     Elizabeth Brandes, CAEL|ebrandes@cael.org 
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    The SEMI Foundation Launches Career Platform to Diversify and Grow U.S. Semiconductor Workforce

    Foundation partners with CAEL to match worker interests and competencies with educational and career opportunities
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    The Career Path Cycle: Learner of the Year Shares the Perspective of a Lifetime

    Learner of the Year Alphur Willock (who goes by "Slim") knows that learning is a two-way street with many lanes and even more intersections. Sure, there may be a few collisions along the way. But...
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    CAEL Announces $1 Million in Grant Funding for Improving Career Pathways to Quality Jobs and Wages

      Funding from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation and Strada Education Network to expand education-employer partnerships in Pittsburgh region
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