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Whether you’re an employer, postsecondary educator, workforce- or economic-developer, CAEL offers extensive resources to support you. You can filter resources in this section by topic, or you can search by keyword. We hope you find the information helpful!

    Competencies Alone Are Not Enough: The Tools that Put Competencies to Work

    Employers are starting to rethink job descriptions in terms of needed competencies rather than years of work experience or credentials that may not actually be needed for the job. And education...
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    Digging in The Competency Sandbox: Is Our Postsecondary System Ready to Play?

    In previous blog posts, we have discussed why both employers and individual job seekers and workers could benefit from a competency-based system and the kinds of competency-based tools that could...
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    From Degrees to Competencies: What A Shift to Competencies Could Mean for Employers and Students

    For many generations, a college degree has reigned supreme in the labor market. It’s been the proverbial “ticket to good jobs.” Often-cited census data show that over a lifetime, people with...
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    Competency Transparency in our Postsecondary Systems

    Revamping postsecondary data systems to support equitable and competency-based learning and hiring  In the last decade, postsecondary education has seen new approaches to learning and credentialing...
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    CEW Report: Balance of Education and Competencies Critical to Labor Market Outcomes

    As cognitive competencies have steadily eclipsed physical ones in workplace relevancy, five have risen to the forefront, according to a new study from the Georgetown University Center on Education...
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    How Collaboration Can Win the Day for Competency-Based Education

    Since its founding 43 years ago, CAEL has advocated for solutions to link learning and work. As the concept of the knowledge economy (PDF) increasingly motivates higher ed institutions and employers...
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