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Whether you’re an employer, postsecondary educator, workforce- or economic-developer, CAEL offers extensive resources to support you. You can filter resources in this section by topic, or you can search by keyword. We hope you find the information helpful!
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    ‘Conversations With CAEL’: Adult Learner Alphur Willock

    In between raising six kids, thwarting carjackers (more on that later), and working full time, widowed father Alphur Willock (who goes by “Slim”) has somehow found time to take advantage of...
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    New Study Examines Impact of Underemployment

    Underemployment is commonly thought of as a short-term issue for recent college graduates who, after gaining some experience in a position they’re overqualified for, soon move on to careers befitting...
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    Investing in Frontline Employees: Paying Dividends Today and Tomorrow

    Frontline employees are an organization’s backbone. As a result, it’s essential that organizations ensure that its frontline employees have access to the level of education and training that they...
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    From Chief Learning Officer: When Employees Own Their Careers, Everyone Wins

    Transparency is a big topic that touches on both a company’s external and internal brand. One key aspect of business transparency centers on the internal discussions between employer and employee,...
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    Let's Get Fired Up

    We know we should go to exercise class or put some habit down, but in a given moment, we might not do what we should. A cluster of brain neurons, however, are the ones critical to motivate. What if...
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    How To Keep Motivation High

    It can be challenging to figure out how to motivate employees to seek additional learning and training. To create a fully competent, competitive workforce, managers must find ways to create an...
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