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    Champion of Adult Excellence in Learning: Tony Hooker of Parkland College on Responsibly Recruiting Adult Students

    For this “interview style” blog, CAEL met with Tony Hooker, an adult learning advisor for Parkland College. The following is a summary of our conversation.
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    Amazon's HQ2: A Lesson in Skills Gaps

    Amazon announced its choices for the coveted HQ2 locations more than two months ago, and the decision continues to elicit commentary nationwide. Of course, given everything at stake—Amazon says it...
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    Modeling One's Own Racism

    Dr. Stephen D. Brookfield is the John Ireland Endowed Chair at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, where he recently won the university's Diversity Leadership Teaching & Research Award. In...
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    Why Google’s New $50 Million Upskilling Initiative Matters

    USA Today reports that Google.org—Google’s philanthropic arm—has pledged $50 million to better prepare workers to handle the demands of today’s rapidly evolving job market.
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    Effective New Employee Onboarding Should Include Emphasis on Learning Opportunities

    About half of outside hires in senior positions fail within the first year and a half, new data shows. And half of all newly hired hourly employees leave within the first 120 days.
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    How to Use Analytics in Developing Workplace Learning

    Data analysis and measurement is everwhere these days, and the workplace is no exception. If you want to be competitive, encourage your employees to pursue lifelong learning. This will increase...
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