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    How a Long-Running Energy Coalition Proves Industry-Education Partnerships Are Key to the Future of Workforce Development

    The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), a CAEL signature initiative, is one of the most enduring industry-education partnerships in existence. Since its inception two decades ago, more...
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    CAEL Awarded $125K General Support Grant From Richard King Mellon Foundation

    Initial-Phase Grant to Support CAEL Capacity Development in Southwestern Pennsylvania INDIANAPOLIS - Following the recent opening of its Pittsburgh office, CAEL is further bolstering its regional...
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    Collaborating for Impact: How Workforce Boards Thrive in Unprecedented Times

    At CAEL, it’s fair to say that every month is workforce development month. But this month’s official designation by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals is a good reminder...
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    The How and Why of Collaborating With Workforce Development Boards

    On August 24, CAEL's membership team hosted the latest installment of Coffee With CAEL. The virtual, 30-minute gatherings bring CAEL members together with experts who share their insights about...
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    Strength in Numbers: How CAEL Can Help You Tackle the Talent Pipeline Challenge

    This summer, the White House announced the Talent Pipeline Challenge, which calls for collaboration among the key players that shape education and career pathways: employers, education and training...
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    Employer Partnerships Drive Sevenfold Increase in Short-Term Training Programs at the Maine Community College System

    Urgent employer staffing needs and the individual quest to obtain the skills needed to advance in viable career paths are prompting greater collaboration among the Maine community colleges and...
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