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    How PLA/CPL Equity Can Nourish Our Social Justice Roots

    New CAEL/WICHE Research Report Explores Strategies to Address the Opportunity Gap for Black and Low-income Adult Students 
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    How Can Institutions Address the Equity Gap in PLA/CPL Credit Receipt by Adult Learners?

    Previous 2020 research from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), made possible by funding from Lumina Foundation...
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    We Wanted To Increase Use of PLA/CPL, So We Stopped Charging for It

    Close your eyes and picture the average college student, experiencing new independence and soaking up campus life. News flash: today’s college often is not that 18-22-year-old so many imagine. In...
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    Expanding Opportunities for CPL: Credit for Majors and Graduate Level Programs

    Valuing and leveraging credit for prior learning (CPL), or prior learning assessment (PLA),  is nothing new in higher education. 
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    How CPL is Accelerating in Southwest Virginia’s Pathways to the American Dream

    In September 2017, CAEL joined an initiative of the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board (NRMR WDB) to apply a U.S. Department of Labor grant toward improving credit for prior learning...
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    How Prepared Is Your Institution to Serve Adult Learners? Take CAEL’s Readiness Quizzes to Find Out

    Providing effective education to adult learners has always been an ethical imperative. The success of any postsecondary institution has always been tied to the success of its students – of any age....
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