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    At Nashua Community College, This Program Is ‘All’ About Adult Learners

    CAEL recently published the Adult Learner Leaders for Institutional Effectiveness, or ALLIES Framework. The Framework provides guidance on meeting the needs of adult learners within today's digitally...
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    How Prior Learning Can Help Students Accelerate Into the Future of Work

    White Paper Reviews Impact of Credit for Prior Learning on Adult Learners in SSC’s accelerated associate of applied science
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    These Everyday Best Practices for Adult Learning Shine During National Transfer Student Week

    The observation of National Transfer Student Week highlights several factors pivotal to adult learner success. After all, transfer students are overwhelmingly adult learners. CAEL has long called...
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    Simplifying CPL/PLA Through Student Centered Guided Templates: A Step Toward Equity

    Recent research has highlighted the powerful benefits CPL brings to adult learners, institutions, and employers. As the success of these education-employment ecosystem niches becomes increasingly...
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    CAEL Launches Technology Solution To Help Boost Equity in College Completion

    New Credit Predictor Pro Centralizes and Streamlines Entire Credit for Prior Learning Process So Institutions Can Serve More Students Through CPL INDIANAPOLIS – The Council for Adult and Experiential...
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    How Credit for Prior Learning is Opening Doors to Future Earning for UofL Adult Learners

    As of 2022, 39 million Americans had left a college or university without completing a degree[1]. More recent trends show completion rates are stagnating or even declining[2]. Meanwhile, enrollment...
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