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    CAEL Launches Technology Solution To Help Boost Equity in College Completion

    New Credit Predictor Pro Centralizes and Streamlines Entire Credit for Prior Learning Process So Institutions Can Serve More Students Through CPL INDIANAPOLIS – The Council for Adult and Experiential...
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    How Credit for Prior Learning is Opening Doors to Future Earning for UofL Adult Learners

    As of 2019, 36 million Americans had left a college or university without completing a degree[1]. More recent trends show completion rates are stagnating or even declining[2]. Meanwhile, enrollment...
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    Making it Stackable: A case study in increasing access and outcomes for learners

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    The Best of Both Worlds: Supporting Adult Learners through CBE and CPL

    A casual observer would be forgiven for thinking that people can get the jobs they want in a time of “the great resignation” and historically low unemployment rates. Yet for many people their career...
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    Attracting Adult Learners With Credit for Prior Learning

    Prospective Adult Learners Say that Opportunities to Earn CPL Can Drive Their Enrollment Choices, Yet Differences by Income Suggest the Need for Greater Clarity in Messaging for Lower Income...
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    Using the Right Terms: Announcing CAEL’s Switch from PLA to CPL

    After much deliberation, CAEL is excited to announce that we will now be using the term credit for prior learning (CPL) when referencing the various methods, strategies, and programs used to evaluate...
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