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    How Prepared Is Your Institution to Serve Adult Learners? Take CAEL’s Readiness Quizzes to Find Out

    Providing effective education to adult learners has always been an ethical imperative. The success of any postsecondary institution has always been tied to the success of its students – of any age....
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    Credit Where Credit’s Due: Lets Level the Playing Field for Adult Learners

    As pandemic-induced turmoil continues in the labor market, millions of workers are seeking viable career paths, which often require upskilling or reskilling. In an op ed for RealClear Education,...
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    Voices of the CAEL Community Share Perspectives about PLA

    Credit for prior learning can have a major impact on adult learner success, but only a minority of students take advantage of it. WorkingNation discusses the power of prior learning, including the...
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    Leveraging work experiences for college credit

    PLA credit can be a pathway to degree completion, saving students time and money. This article in Community College Daily draws on CAEL research and tells the story of an adult learner who used the...
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    Now Is the Time to Better Support Adult Learners in Higher Education

    In this article appearing in "Campus Technology," University of Phoenix provost John Woods argues that PLA is an overlooked resource for supporting working adults who have been displaced by the...
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    Six Steps to Move Prior Learning Assessment Forward

    This "Campus Technology" article about the recent Capella University report on recognition of prior learning, "Unlocking the [Full] Potential of PLA],"  reviews the six steps for advancing PLA...
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