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    Now Is the Time to Better Support Adult Learners in Higher Education

    In this article appearing in "Campus Technology," University of Phoenix provost John Woods argues that PLA is an overlooked resource for supporting working adults who have been displaced by the...
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    Six Steps to Move Prior Learning Assessment Forward

    This "Campus Technology" article about the recent Capella University report on recognition of prior learning, "Unlocking the [Full] Potential of PLA],"  reviews the six steps for advancing PLA...
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    Prior Learning Assessment for a New Era: Report Forecasts Changes in the Way Colleges and Universities Use PLA

    CAEL institutional member Capella University has released a report that describes best practices for institutions looking to improve student outcomes through recognition of prior learning. The...
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    Accelerating Degree Success for Adult Learners in Uncertain Times

    Are you overwhelmed? I know we are. How do you think our adult students feel? The value proposition of unlocking mid- and high-wage jobs in STEM careers through a degree is undeniable; however, the...
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    How to Get Credit for Prior Learning in Nursing Programs

    If you’re ready to move to the next level of nursing in school, you may qualify for academic credit based on your experience outside a classroom.
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    Webinar Analyzes Prior-Learning Assessments’ Impact on Adult Student Outcomes

    Using firsthand accounts of student experiences and input from higher education leaders, Lumina Foundation’s webinar on Thursday noted the impact of prior-learning assessments (PLA) on adult student...
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