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    The Career Path Cycle: Learner of the Year Shares the Perspective of a Lifetime

    Learner of the Year Alphur Willock (who goes by "Slim") knows that learning is a two-way street with many lanes and even more intersections. Sure, there may be a few collisions along the way. But...
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    Adult Student Success Story: Susan Fenwick

    These days, adult learners have a lot on their plates! Whether it’s supporting a family, working, transitioning from a displaced occupation, or all of the above, there is a lot of competition for...
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    ‘Conversations With CAEL’: Adult Learner Alphur Willock

    In between raising six kids, thwarting carjackers (more on that later), and working full time, widowed father Alphur Willock (who goes by “Slim”) has somehow found time to take advantage of...
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    Champion of Adult Excellence in Learning: Tony Hooker of Parkland College on Responsibly Recruiting Adult Students

    For this “interview style” blog, CAEL met with Tony Hooker, an adult learning advisor for Parkland College. The following is a summary of our conversation.
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    Modeling One's Own Racism

    Dr. Stephen D. Brookfield is the John Ireland Endowed Chair at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, where he recently won the university's Diversity Leadership Teaching & Research Award. In...
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