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    CAEL Annual Membership Survey Points to Promising Trends, Areas of Opportunity in Adult Learning

    Late last year, CAEL completed its annual membership survey. The primary purpose of the survey, which captured responses from more than 100 CAEL colleges and universities around the country, was to...
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    Prepared Remarks From Earl Buford’s Opening Keynote at the 2022 IMS Digital Credentials Summit

    Good afternoon, and thank you, Rob, for that introduction. For those who may not be familiar with CAEL, we are a national, nonprofit membership organization. Our vision is that every adult can...
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    Maybe Clayton Christensen Was Right … Disruption Is Coming to Higher Education

    In 2013 I attended a symposium in Boston where Clayton Christensen made a presentation on disruptive theory and the future of higher education. At the same symposium Paul LeBlanc made a presentation...
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    How Shasta College is Helping Working Adult Learners to Come up ACEs

    Shasta College successfully implements accelerated programs, gateway programs to four-year degrees, and a degree-reclamation program to help working adult learners achieve success in degree...
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    Trauma Impacts Adult Learners: Here’s Why

    We live in a world surrounded by trauma. There’s no doubt about it.  The trauma comes from a myriad of sources including childhood adverse experiences, natural disasters and shootings in locations...
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    Adapt and Pivot: Talking Strategy on the Eve of the Inaugural Latino Adult Student Success Convening

    In August 2018, CAEL launched an ambitious new project to improve outcomes for adult Latino students in higher education. The Adult Learner 360 Academy for HSIs is an ongoing initiative to work with...
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