The quality and accessibility of adult learning can be affected by the higher education, public, and private sectors. While they all have disparate needs and priorities, they must work together if adult education is to succeed.

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) helps smooth the path to learning for adults by:

Convening All Stakeholders to Build Better Solutions

Aligning Education with Employment Opportunities

Many industries are facing a shortage of skilled workers, and they need solutions with broad impact. CAEL brings employers from these industries together with higher education institutions to build streamlined systems for educating workers. Industrywide education planning results in innovative approaches to addressing career awareness, soft skills, STEM capabilities and other skills challenges facing employers.

Considering All Viewpoints When Developing New Innovations
Innovation can be powerful, but not if it exists in a bubble. Before launching innovations, CAEL convenes leaders from business, the public sector, higher education, philanthropy, and labor. Their input helps us create 360-degree solutions to thorny problems that hinder adults from obtaining further education and training.

Uniting to Affect Public Policy
Public policy can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the public workforce and higher education systems. CAEL convenes leaders in business, higher education, government, and philanthropy to influence and improve policies that affect how adults learn, earn credentials, and move into successful careers.


Tapping Mature Talent

Read about CAEL's work to develop new services and support systems for an aging workforce.

Better Systems for Connecting STEM Training to Jobs

Read about CAEL’s model to satisfy the demand for workers skilled in new energy technologies while providing job seekers with a path to stable employment.