Employee Advising

Employees who make smart education choices get smart results: They find the most efficient and affordable path to earn their degrees and credentials.

By working with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), you can help them get there fast by providing employee advising that helps them:

  • Understand Where You Want Them to Go and How to Get There

  • Identify Their Skills and Interests

  • Set Realistic Goals

  • Select Appropriate Education and Training Providers

Rely on the Four Keys to Smart Results

CAEL’s unique coaching method helps your employees:

  1. Save money and time by earning college credit for what they already know

  2. Make smarter choices by identifying skill and competency gaps

  3. Be more successful by finding appropriate education and training providers

  4. Fit their goals with your business objectives and recruitment needs

Choose Advising Options that Support Your Talent Development Goals

CAEL advises you and your team on the best ways to advise your employees. We offer several advising scenarios to fit your needs:

  • One-on-One Advising—An experienced master’s degree level advisor who understands the needs and opportunities within your company and industry will advise your employees via telephone or in person

  • Online Advising Resources 24/7—Take advantage of assessments of personality type, interests, and values online when it’s most convenient for your employees

  • Workshops—Rely on relevant and engaging workshops for employee groups offered onsite or online

  • Manager Training—Get training for your management team that helps them become better employee advisors and coaches

Contact us to offer advising to your employees.