Education Partnerships

Work with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to make sure that colleges and universities are graduating students with the skills and competencies you need to fill real jobs. We help ensure that college curriculum is designed by the industry for the industry, and delivered by education partners who know how to teach the required skills.

Design Relevant Online College Curriculum for Your Industry

To ensure that you are providing education that improves employee performance—and your bottom line—CAEL convenes training leaders in specific industries and uses their input to negotiate online curriculum with colleges. The result is online education custom-made to fit your industry’s needs.

Discover Education Resources that Meet Your Needs

CAEL helps you develop your company’s learning strategies and identify education resources in your area. Whether you want a local college near your business or a college with national reach, we help you find the best fit for your education needs. With more than 35 years of experience working closely with higher education and workforce systems on adult learning issues, CAEL knows how they work—and we can make them work for you.

Build the Competencies You Need with Industry-Specific Education

CAEL has helped industries develop programs and offer them directly to employees and the general public via specialized websites:

Energy Industry
*—Offers online energy industry STEM education including certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees
*—Provides information about new industry-driven smart grid education

Telecommunications Industry
*—Offers online telecommunications industry STEM education including certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees

Reduce Recruitment and Retention Costs for Entry-Level Positions

Attract qualified employees before they graduate from high school. CAEL makes high school students aware of available jobs and prepares them to enter a particular industry through customized online education offered  at their schools. Often, these programs fill gaps in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education at the high school.

Contact us to develop the education partnerships that are right for you. 


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