Workforce Developers

Build a stronger workforce—and a stronger economy—by working with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). We help you understand employers’ needs, workers’ skills, and any education or training gaps between the two. That way, you can ensure that your investments in learning lead to real job opportunities. CAEL builds your capacity to:

  • Identify Employer Skill Needs
  • Connect Worker Skills to Demand

Strategy & Partnerships

How do you find workforce allies who will fill the gaps? Where do you find the resources to make your initiatives a success? CAEL can help you effectively work with employers to determine their skill needs, and help you partner with the colleges and training providers that can fill their demand for skilled workers.

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Industry & Skills Analysis

Yesterday’s job skills often do not match the careers of tomorrow. How can you understand changing skill needs? CAEL helps you link learning to work by providing research on tomorrow’s needs and directly connecting it to employers’ skill demands

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Staff Training

Your counselors and case managers are where the rubber meets the road. Without proper training, your well-planned strategies may never make it to the job seekers you serve. CAEL’s training will equip your staff to ensure that job seekers make choices that lead to stable careers.

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Economic Development

A workforce that is trained and prepared for local jobs is the key to a community’s economic prosperity. CAEL connects your workforce development initiatives with local economic development goals.

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October 14, 2011

Job Training Programs Do More than You Think

Opinion piece: A response to a Wall Street Journal article about the inefficiency and lack of value in government funded job training programs.