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Assessing Institutional Effectiveness In Serving Adult Learners


Adult Learner 360TM is an integrated diagnostic tool and consulting solution used to identify areas for improved service to adult learners at postsecondary education institutions. The combination of a student survey and institutional survey yields results that help institutions take actionable steps in implementing plans to better support their adult learners.

How Adult Learner 360 Can Help

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Set the Stage for Better Enrollment, Persistence, and Completion

Institutions can close the gap between what adult students need and what institutions deliver. Adult Learner 360 helps you assess your institution’s effectiveness in serving adult learners while charting a clear path forward to long-term, continuous improvement with measurable results. Along the way, your progress will be guided by a series of practice-proven KPIs and the most important standard of all: the perspective of your adult students.


Institutional Strategy Development

Adult Learner 360 helps you define your strategy for serving adult learners. By pinpointing areas of strength and opportunity, the tool facilitates planning that will have the most impact on their experience at your institution. Informed by student and institutional feedback, Adult Learner 360 helps you meet the needs critical to the success of both:

  • Professional Development and Advancement
  • Career Advising
  • Strategic Partnerships, Mentorships, and Internships
  • Credit for Prior Learning
  • Enrollment, Persistence, and Completion

CAEL understands what qualities make a difference for adult learners, and our Adult Learner 360 is built on decades of research, engagements, and insights gained from practitioners in the field. We can help you close the gap between what adult students need and what your institution delivers. Start with understanding where you are so you can get where you need to go.

20 %

of undergraduates today are older than 25.

Enrollment of students between the ages of 25 and 34 increased 43 percent between 2000 and 2016, and automation alone could require up to a third of the U.S. workforce to learn new skills by 2030.

40 %

of employees report that their program of study was relevant in their current vocation.

Considering the additional challenges adult learners face, it’s no wonder that many feel they’re on the sidelines of both higher education and high-growth careers.

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“The Adult Learner 360 was a helpful tool in understanding the experiences of our adult learner and our own practices. The feedback informed our thinking on how to approach enhancing the entire lifecycle (recruitment to completion) for our adult learners and how to measure our successes.”
Dr. Jenni Murphy

Dean, Sacramento State College of Continuing Education

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