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Register now for the 2023 CAEL Conference in Baltimore, MD!

CAEL Collaborator


Looking to invest your sponsorship dollars beyond our annual conference? Become a CAEL Collaborator

Does your organization champion adult learners and support aligning learning and work so individuals and communities can thrive? 

Become a CAEL Collaborator and engage and connect with CAEL members (postsecondary institutions, workforce solutions, organizations and individuals) who are passionate about supporting adult learners along their journey to academic and career success.

CAEL Collaborators are seen as solution providers – those working to solve challenges facing adult learners: postsecondary education institutions and workforce organizations. 

CAEL Collaborators support and align with CAEL’s mission & vision. 

  • CAEL’s vision: Every adult can navigate lifelong learning and career pathways that fuel economic mobility and community prosperity
  • CAEL’s mission: CAEL engages with educators, employers, and community leaders to align learning and work so that adults achieve continuous, long-term career success.

How Collaborators Demonstrate their Value to CAEL’s Membership

CAEL Collaborators have numerous opportunities to demonstrate their value, impact and work that supports adult learners.

  • Sponsor or present one (1) webinar (or equivalent event) to CAEL’s membership (one for each year of membership). Includes:
    • Promoting awareness around your organization and work supporting adult learners
    • Access to CAEL’s full range of members to showcase your value, impact, and/or solutions through research and white papers
  • Attend and exhibit at the CAEL conference. Includes:
    • An avenue to share information with CAEL membership through one (1) complimentary exhibit booth at CAEL’s annual conference
    • Two (2) complimentary registrations to attend CAEL’s annual conference
    • Optional, provided at CAEL’s discretion: Opportunity to speak  at CAEL’s annual conference (one for each year of sponsorship). This may take the form of announcing a speaker or award winner, leading a workshop, roundtable or Edtalk, subject to the conference schedule availability.

  • Four (4) touch points throughout the year for engagement with CAEL Members. Examples of customized opportunities:
    • Webinars
    • Focus groups
    • Guest blogs
    • Access to CAEL’s online membership community (caelCONNECT)
    • Whitepaper/research (must be pre-approved by CAEL )
    • Access to attendee lists from Collaborator-led workshops and webinars
    • Opportunity to offer specialized discounts and incentives to CAEL’s membership

      Interested in becoming a CAEL Collaborator? Please contact cael@cael.org

View a list of CAEL collaborators here.



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Let's bridge the gap between education and the workplace with linking learning and work to fuel economic mobility and community prosperity.
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