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To promote professional development opportunities for our stakeholders, CAEL offers a variety of self-paced and live, online learning experiences. Whether you opt for micro-learning or a longer, workshop-format experience, our training focuses on increasing your knowledge and providing you with best practices to support your work with adult learners.

Instructor-Led Training

CAEL has developed several online training courses that are delivered asynchronously (when convenient for you), with portions led by live instructors. Participation includes watching presentations, reading content, completing activities and projects, and discussing topics with fellow students in community forums. 

From the Ground Up: Building the Foundations of a PLA Program

This four-week asynchronous online course explores the different opportunities students have to demonstrate their knowledge and learning as well as the impact PLA/CPL has on organizational practices and student success.

Participants will learn how to build an action plan for executing a prior learning assessment program on their own campuses. (Member discount available.)

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Career and Education Advising

This twelve-week online, instructor-led course is designed specifically for those who need to provide career and education advice to adults. Participants learn how to apply career development theory and advise students from diverse social, cultural, and economic contexts. Invest in helping adult learners succeed. (Member discount available.)

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Assessing Prior Learning

This three-week online workshop prepares faculty to draw on introductory information and concepts about prior learning assessment (PLA) and then serve as portfolio assessors. It provides case studies and use scenarios to explore the experience of portfolio assessment. Participants complete practice exercises using student-developed portfolios.

Participants who complete the course requirements will obtain a CAEL Assessing Prior Learning Certificate upon workshop completion. (Member discount available.)

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Instructional Design and Technology

LX Pathways is a “choose your own edventure” competency-based approach to acquiring beginning and advanced learning design and instructional technology skills, with a focus on quality and leadership in the field. Competencies cover everything from the basics of learning management systems to universal design for learning (UDL), backward design, and project management. LX Pathways offers both self-paced and direct-feedback coaching options. In addition, participants can earn stackable credentials and certificates.

Instructional Technologist

The Instructional Technologist (IT) competency-based learning pathway covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be a successful IT professional. The experience offers the opportunity to engage with both theoretical and practical aspects of working in this field. Follow the IT Pathway and you’ll learn about everything from the principles of good visual design to learner accessibility and video, audio, and image editing.

You can also earn a digital badge when you successfully complete one of the “Tracks.” Use the badge to enhance your résumé, CV, or professional Web presence.

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Learning Architect

If you are dedicated to improving and enhancing accessible education options for adult learners—and you like the idea of working with team members and faculty to accomplish this—then consider exploring the Learning Architect pathway. Learning architects bring special expertise to the curation and creation of online course materials. The pathway experience is designed to lead you through the steps needed to acquire that expertise.

You can also earn a digital badge when you successfully complete one of the “Tracks.” Use the badge to enhance your résumé, CV, or professional Web presence. 

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CAEL is developing a series of microcourses for our members. These are professional development experiences that build capabilities for better support of adult learners.

Self-paced and designed to be completed in less than an hour, each microcourse provides a high-level overview of a specific topic of interest. The courses incorporate subject matter expert interviews that feature both industry and postsecondary education perspectives. They also offer best practices in the form of toolkits, job aids, and case studies. All microcourses are free to CAEL members.

Microcourses Open to CAEL Members

  • Roadmaps to Success: Understanding and serving your adult learners
  • Improving Programs with Labor Market Data
  • Engaging Adult Learners as Consumers
  • Attracting Adults to Your Institution
  • Building Blocks for Effective PLA Programs
  • Strengthening Employer Partnerships
  • Designing Stackable Credentials
  • Embedding Experiential Learning in Your Programs
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Microcourse Open to All

  • Roadmaps to Success: Understanding and Serving Your Adult Learners
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