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Roadmaps to Success - 

Understanding and Serving your Adult Learners

Why This Course?

Adult learners are the new “normal” students, but many postsecondary systems are not optimized to serve their unique needs. This self-paced one-hour microcourse is designed to build awareness and understanding of the challenges adult learners face and demonstrate the power that postsecondary professionals have to address and remove those barriers.

Who's it for?

Teaching faculty and adjunct professors, leadership, student-facing managers, and marketing staff.

As a result of this course, users will be able to:

  • Hypothesize common characteristics of their own student population based on benchmark data and first-hand knowledge of their student
  • Identify the challenges that many working adult learners encounter as a result of traditional postsecondary program, service, and resource models
  • Recognize the consequences of inaction if learners can’t succeed within the current service, program, and resource models
  • Create a story map of a learner’s experience following the learning ecosystem framework


Video delivery. Self-paced, 60 minutes.

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