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CAEL Webinars

Building Inclusive Workplaces that Leverage the Strength of Women's Untapped Talent

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Women lag substantially behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions—with women of color being most excluded. In some fields, women account for only 9% of all management positions, despite holding almost 52% of all professional-level jobs in the US. Herforce, a new program from Workforce Solutions Borderplex, is working to change this. Herforce is designed to help close this leadership gap and tap into the immense potential of women in the workforce. In this workshop, we will discuss the systemic barriers that women face in reaching leadership positions and the steps we’re taking to help women overcome them:

  • Offering easier, more affordable access to childcare
  • Advocating for and developing a strong female presence in traditionally male-dominated industries
  • Providing personalized wage analysis reports to avoid underpayment and close the gender wage gap
  • Developing programs that address common barriers for women and creating powerful partnerships to provide a multifaceted approach
  • Empowering women with awareness of their value

Amid a workforce crisis, women are an untapped market with a wealth of potential to bolster the workforce and ensure its long-term health. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what’s needed to address inequity and empower women to advance their careers and unlock their potential—and the potential of the entire workforce.

Speaker: Vanessa Preston, Executive Vice President, Grant Associates

Vanessa Preston is Executive Vice President overseeing our Workforce Solutions Borderplex program in El Paso, TX, and the TANF Job Placement and Educational & Occupational Training programs in Washington, DC. Vanessa joined Grant Associates in 2009 as part of the Workforce1 Industrial and Transportation Center’s Career Services department.Screenshot 2024-05-22 134846 

She launched and led Grant Associates’ Washington, D.C. operations from 2012 to 2014. From 2014 to 2017 she led the Back2Work program in Harlem, NY. Most recently, Vanessa launch the Employer Services contract in Houston. Previously, she held training and development positions in a national restaurant chain. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Queens College.



Speaker: Monica Jasso, Family Services Department, Workforce Solutions Borderplex

Monica Jasso currently serves in the Family Services Department at Workforce Solutions Borderplex. By partnering with parents and child care service delivery agents, her work supports immediate childcare needs and empowers parents to achieve economic independence and professional growth. 

A proud Fronteriza from El Paso, Texas, Monica attended Texas A&M University and has dedicated her career to advancing social good. With over 15 years of non-profit experience advancing girl and women leadership in her previous role, she remains committed to fostering inclusive and equitable opportunities for all women and families. Monica alsoMonica Jasso volunteers as part of the steering committee for the Border Out of School Time Network (BOOST) which strives to increase the quality, enrollment and knowledge of Out-of-School Time (OST) youth programs across the border region.