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Online Energy Education – Designed by Industry, for Industry

The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), formed in 2000, is the premier source of online energy education, built to address the critical employment needs of the evolving utility industry.

Since 2000, EPCE has partnered with organizations and education partners to offer quality online education and training to better prepare individuals for the future of the energy industry.

CAEL provides management services and learning resources for EPCE, and serves as the organization’s fiscal agent.

EPCE offers:

Coalition benefits include:

  • A flexible, online energy curriculum, designed and approved by industry
  • Effective management of education partnerships
  • Tuition discounts

Industry-endorsed education and training through EPCE have helped thousands of individuals gain a competitive advantage. Learn more at epceonline.org.

Bridging the Energy Industry and Education to Meet Workforce Skill and Credential Needs

Since 2000, more than 46,000 job-seeking and working adult learners have enrolled in industry-vetted courses sponsored by the Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), a talent development initiative created by CAEL that has played a pivotal role in meeting the needs of the energy sector nationwide.


50 Years On, Innovation Is Going Strong: Bismarck State College and Workforce Learning

As many colleges are attempting large-scale distance education for the first time, it’s important to learn the unparalleled value of forging and maintaining close relationships with students and industry partners.

031-20 CAEL Evo_Bismarck State College (Cover)

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