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PLA/CPL Resource Kit Downloads

How-to-build-a-case-for-cpl-on-your-campus-cpl-reportHow To Build a Case for CPL on Your Campus:
A short guide on how to be a CPL champion at your institution — with a one-page handout on making the business case for CPL to print and share.




The-four-stages-of-building-an-effective-cpl-programThe Four Stages of Building an Effective and Inclusive CPL Program:
A step-by-step guide to building (or expanding) a CPL program at your institution, with a list of guiding questions for designing your policies and processes.




How-to-use-cpl-to-attract-studentsHow To Use CPL To Attract and Retain Students:
Making the case to students is made a little easier with some sample language for your website, social media, and email campaigns.




CPL-process-mapPLA/CPL Process Map–Sample College:
As you plan your CPL program, a good exercise is to create a visual map of the CPL process for the student as well as for internal staff and faculty. This sample process map can help get you started.



Tips from a CPL Practitioner:
For additional guidance, CAEL members can provide great insights. A short interview with a Peirce College CPL expert on the important building blocks of a CPL program.

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