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CAEL Webinars

Building Workplace Upskilling Programs that Work


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Over the past two years, employers have increasingly turned inward when it comes to finding and developing talent pipelines.  Workplace-based training and upskilling programs are a proven way to both recruit and retain your workforce, and they work best when they’re set up for success.  Come learn with experts on adult education, workplace training, and program evaluation. 

This presentation will discuss the key components of successful workplace upskilling programs, including identifying skill gaps, creating customized training plans, and measuring program outcomes. We will also explore best practices for engaging employees in upskilling initiatives and how to leverage technology to enhance the learning experience. Attendees will leave with practical tips and strategies for building effective upskilling programs that meet the evolving needs of their organizations.  The presentation will include time for questions and audience discussion and will include concrete examples of effective workplace programs from a variety of contexts.


  • Articulate the unique benefits of a workplace-based training program
  • Understand how to set up a successful workplace-based program, including the value of partnerships between credentialing organizations, training organizations, and employers
  • Apply best practices for designing and implementing a workplace training program to participants’ own contexts

Webinar presented by:

Katie Brown, Founder & Chief Education Officer, EnGen

Dr. Katie Brown

Dr. Katie Brown has spent nearly three decades leveraging the science behind high-impact language instruction to create scalable, sustainable English learning solutions for immigrants, refugees, and speakers of other languages. As founder and chief education officer of EnGen, a Certified B Corporation, she is pioneering a personalized, career-aligned, mobile-first approach to English upskilling and is engaging cross-sector partners – Fortune 500 companies, regional employers, higher education institutions, apprenticeship programs, and government institutions – to advance economic mobility, workforce inclusion, and talent pipeline development across the U.S.  An expert in adult learning, education technology, and instructional design, Katie has crafted numerous award-winning language courses and authored multiple technology patents to deliver empowering, effective language training to millions of learners. Katie holds a PhD in second language acquisition from the University of Maryland, and is a frequent speaker, author, and panel moderator.

Doug Heckman, Vice President, Partnerships & Development, CAEL


Doug Heckman joined CAEL as senior director of partnership development in 2021. Focused on building cross-sector solutions to benefit adult learners and employees, Heckman has worked extensively with postsecondary institutions to help them identify key industry partners and to assist with curricular alignment. Heckman is a former Air Force officer as well as an instructor in both community colleges and universities. He has worked abroad in Norway and in the UK, the latter where he served as Emsi’s head of further education. He currently serves as board president for the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute and previously served as president of the board of directors for the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow, Idaho.  Heckman obtained his bachelor's degree in English from the United States Air Force Academy and holds master's degrees from San Jose State University and from the University of Washington. He and his family reside in Idaho, where they enjoy access to the region’s abundant outdoor activities.