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Knowledge and professional experience matter, but are enough adult learners experiencing what your Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) programs have to offer?

The PLA Accelerator is an interactive questionnaire that streamlines the PLA intake process, making it easy for students to share their education, work, and life experiences.

Increase engagement

Effectively promote PLA and increase engagement

Promote PLA more effectively at your institution by engaging and empowering your adult students to self-identify tests, certifications, and expertise cultivated in the workplace that could be creditworthy.

Improved completion

See improved completion rates

The more adult learners know about your PLA programs, the more likely they are to fulfill their dreams of college completion at your institution.

Smoother process

Provide a smoother, more efficient PLA process

Streamline the PLA intake process: Students complete a guided questionnaire to capture and submit all potential sources of credit, providing institutions a consolidated platform for reviewing and tracking recommendations.


Engage More Adult Learners With PLA

The enrollment and advising processes are critical to maximizing the impact of prior learning assessment. If students don't hear about prior learning assessment, they can't use it. There are three keys to making sure that this doesn't happen:

  1. Early promotion: Students should learn about prior learning assessment options before they enroll.
  2. Efficiency in the advising process: Advisors and enrollment personnel should be able to effectively engage with students about prior learning assessment without spending an inordinate amount of time with each student.
  3. Accountability: Institutions need to ensure they know exactly how many students are interested in prior learning assessment and what kind of actions they were advised to take.

Tools That Enable Success

CAEL designed the PLA Accelerator to address all of these issues. It offers guidance, including tools and training, for promoting prior learning assessment early and even prior to enrollment.

It also includes a way for students to think through all the learning that they've experienced, document it, and send it to advisors. For advisors, PLA Accelerator features training on having educated conversations with students when it's time to talk to them about prior learning assessment.

PLA Accelerator's reporting gives institutions visibility of how many students are interested in prior learning assessment, whom they spoke to about it, and what was recommended so they can track the impact of prior learning assessment on graduation, persistence rates, and other student outcomes.

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Are Enough Adult Learners Experiencing What Your Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Programs Have to Offer?

Learn how you can promote PLA more effectively at your institution.

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