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Connecting marginalized communities to better education and career opportunities

Via integrated education and workforce strategies, CAEL fosters partnership development that aligns postsecondary institutions and other learning providers, employers, chambers of commerce, and workforce and economic development organizations to better connect adult learners to careers and promote social and economic mobility. By bringing together the right stakeholders across the workforce ecosystem, we help build partnerships that promote adult learner success, minimize unemployment, and create competitive communities that attract local and regional employers.

Social mobility

Improve social mobility and equity

Increase access to postsecondary education with clear links to rewarding careers within growth industries

Economic prosperity

Support economic prosperity

Favorably position cities, states, and regions to attract and support businesses that provide the gainful employment and economic activity that sustain community prosperity

Workforce 3 - Partnerships

Create effective education-employer partnerships

Bolster the effectiveness of regional employers and postsecondary institutions by forging partnerships among them

Linking Public Workforce Systems and Community Colleges through PLA

Read about CAEL’s pilot project to create stronger connections between workforce development systems and community colleges by developing cross-system Prior Learning Assessment strategies.

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Membership & Events

  • Annual CAEL conference and events
  • Professional development and training
  • CAEL membership - join today!

SPECIAL RESEARCH BRIEF: Collaborating for Impact

Find out how five workforce development boards have creatively met their region’s workforce needs despite a changing labor market, a global pandemic, and an economic shutdown.

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Initiative Support and Technical Assistance

Uplifting Through Upskilling

Learn how one Texas community focused on upskilling and reskilling existing and new learners to help the regional economy recover.

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Platforms & Tools

  • Statewide/systemwide Work Learn Earn
    • Growing an economy requires a focus on employer needs and upskilling job seekers. With 40+ years of experience in career exploration services, CAEL created our Work Learn Earn® solution to help develop a healthy workforce talent pipeline and connections to employers with open positions.

The Virtuous Cycle of Work Learn Earn

Bringing together industry, workforce organizations, postsecondary institutions, and job seekers can solidify pathways to sustainable employment and regional economic growth.

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More from CAEL


Work Learn Earn

An online career exploration tool that empowers job seekers to discover career and educational pathways within your community.

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Become a CAEL member and build a transformative culture of lifelong learning and economic empowerment for all adult learners.

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If your institution or organization is seeking guidance, solutions, and support from CAEL, or if you have an idea for a future collaboration initiative with CAEL, please reach out. We'd love to connect. 

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