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CAEL Now Accepting Applications for Equity Leadership Academy

Academy dedicated to promoting empowerment and fostering equity to begin first cohort in November

INDIANAPOLIS – CAEL (the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning), in partnership with the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB), invites workforce board leaders throughout the United States to apply to the Equity Leadership Academy. The Academy offers a collaborative learning experience to proactively and constructively address critical challenges related to racial, gender, and other disparities in employment, career advancement, and economic growth.

The Equity Leadership Academy is the core of CAEL’s recently announced partnership with NAWB. Designed to focus on impact and sustainability, the Academy is committed to substantially scaling principles and best practices to improve workforce equity. Informed by insights gleaned from NAWB's DEI Task Force findings and guided by input from local workforce boards, the Equity Leadership Academy serves as a catalyst for positive change and systemic enhancements within an inclusive economic participation model.

The foundation of the Equity Leadership Academy lies in translating equity principles into practical applications to create a direct impact for local communities. The Academy’s unique learning experiences meet the needs of working professionals through a flexible blend of in-person learning, virtual sessions, personalized coaching, and supportive microlearning materials. By the end of this transformative program, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the critical importance of equity and the need to address systemic disparities in their mission-driven work, ultimately expanding positive impacts within their workforce and communities.
  • Analyze and identify key organizational and community-level challenges that hinder equitable opportunities and outcomes for diverse populations.
  • Apply their acquired knowledge and insights to develop effective strategies, interventions, and initiatives that address systemic disparities and promote economic inclusion.
  • Share their Equity Community Impact Project as part of the Equity Leadership Academy Showcase at the culmination of the six-month program.

The Academy prioritizes ongoing peer learning opportunities to foster a collaborative learning culture through a cohort learning model. Participants will forge productive connections with a diverse group of fellow leaders enthusiastic about advancing equity within workforce development. Benefiting from the combined expertise and expansive networks of CAEL and NAWB, participants will leave the program equipped with actionable toolkits and personalized guidance, empowering seasoned and emerging workforce and economic development leaders to drive meaningful change within their local communities.

The upcoming Academy session will launch during an onsite event at the CAEL conference on November 7, 2023, and will continue through April 2024. 

Applications for this transformative journey are now open. Comprehensive details about the Academy, including its objectives and structure, can be found at cael.org or nawb.org. For additional questions or updates, contact advancingequity@cael.org.

About CAEL
Recognizing that adult learners are the backbone of the U.S. economy, CAEL helps forge a clear, viable connection between education and career success, providing solutions that promote sustainable and equitable economic growth. CAEL opens opportunities in collaboration with workforce and economic developers; postsecondary educators; employers and industry groups; and foundations and other mission-aligned organizations. Engaging with these stakeholders fosters a culture of innovative, lifelong learning that helps individuals and their communities thrive. A membership organization established in 1974, CAEL is a part of Strada Collaborative, a mission-driven nonprofit. Learn more at www.cael.org and www.stradacollaborative.org.

About National Associate of Workforce Boards
NAWB represents and advocates for the nation's over 570 Workforce Development Boards, which coordinate with education and economic development stakeholders to administer regional workforce programs that meet the needs of job seekers, career-seekers, businesses, and communities. For more information on NAWB’s latest work and new initiatives, please visit www.nawb.org.