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Postsecondary Education

  • Credit for Prior Learning (including PLA)
  • Accelerated programs
  • Attracting and supporting adult learners --- learn about our 10 principles framework for best practices
  • Assessing institutional effectiveness in serving adult learners, including Adult Learner 360TM
  • Developing strategic partnerships with employers and the workforce system
  • Aligning curricula with workforce needs
  • Free resources for institutions to get started
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Workforce & Economic Development

  • Improving the social and economic mobility of adult learners
  • Strategic partnership development
  • Data gathering and analysis, strategy development, goal setting, and tracking
  • Accelerating credential completion by recognizing on-the-job and other non-institutional training and by incorporating stackable credentials
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Employers & Industry Groups

  • Develop strategic partnerships with higher education and training providers
  • Develop talent pipelines in partnership with regional stakeholders in workforce development and education
  • Training and education program analysis and improvement
  • Strategies for implementing employee career guidance and support platforms
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Build Staff Capacity

CAEL helps build staff (and faculty) capacity for postsecondary learning providers via à la carte trainings or as part of initiative support and technical assistance projects. Options include remote/in-person and self-paced/fully synchronous/hybrid offerings. Available via a mix of proctored and instructor-led formats.


Postsecondary Education

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Platforms & Tools

Everything CAEL does is designed to make it easier for people to obtain the education and training they need. We find practical ways to link learning and work, and we offer tools that help adults earn credentials faster. Our platforms and tools are built to help facilitate reaching your strategic goals and are implemented with CAEL by your side every step of the way.

Work Learn Earn

Growing an economy requires a focus on employer needs and upskilling job seekers. With 40+ years of experience in career exploration services, CAEL created our Work Learn Earn® solution to help develop a healthy workforce talent pipeline and connections to employers with open positions.

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Credit Predictor Pro

Your students’ knowledge and professional expertise (obtained in or outside of the classroom) could be worth college credit! The Credit Predictor Pro provides postsecondary education institutions, consortiums and statewide systems a way to streamline the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) (also known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)) intake process, making it easy for students to share their work expertise and credentials, and to search your faculty-approved credential database for matches.

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Credit Predictor Standard

The Credit Predictor Standard is a three-minute branded questionnaire that you can post on your website. It is free to CAEL institutional members and allows you to connect with current and prospective students about Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) at your institution. How can CAEL’s Credit Predictor Standard help my institution?  It educates current and prospective students about potential time and money savings your institution offers through Credit for Prior Learning. For more information regarding Credit Predictor Standard contact us at membershipservices@cael.org. Not yet a member? To join CAEL, visit cael.org/membership. 

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Membership & Events

Join the movement! Diverse perspectives inspire novel solutions. Connecting with other advocates of adult learning increases our collective impact on creating a world where every adult has a pathway to lifelong learning and meaningful work. Explore the many ways our events, professional development and membership offerings create opportunities to engage a broad community focused on adult learners.


CAEL Membership

Join CAEL today to get even more value out of engaging with CAEL, including world-class networking, events, and communities of practice plus members-only content, discounts, toolkits, and free tools and solutions.

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A pioneer in adult learning, CAEL  focuses on the future of work through active engagement among our communities of practice. From individual learning to webinars to our signature annual meeting, gain new knowledge about best practices and common challenges important to our mission and vision.

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Professional Development & Training

CAEL offers a variety of professional development and training opportunities designed to support your work as you champion adult learners.

Options include:

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Industry-Education Partnerships

Sustainable success lives at the intersection of learning and work
We build coalitions among businesses, industry organizations and postsecondary institutions to maintain healthy workforce talent pipelines necessary for economic growth. These benefits typically emerge from our industry-education partnerships:
  • Proactive collaboration between employers and postsecondary institutions ensures work-relevant education and training aligned with evolving industry needs
  • Postsecondary institutions better serve adult learners by providing tangible links to rewarding careers, boosting enrollment, persistence, and completion
  • Businesses become employers of choice through training partnerships that create opportunities for career advancement
  • Strengthened economies via integrated education and workforce strategies promote social and economic mobility
  • CAEL's coalition model provides management services, learning resources, and can serve as an organization's fiscal agent


The Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), formed in 2000, is the premier source of online energy education, built to address the critical employment needs of the evolving utility industry.

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NACTEL is a unique partnership of industry employers and unions working with quality educators to create and sponsor online education programs that meet the needs of current and future telecommunications professionals.

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