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Growing an economy requires a focus on employer needs and upskilling job seekers. With 40+ years of experience in career exploration services, CAEL developed the Work Learn Earn® solution to help develop a healthy workforce talent pipeline and connections to employers with open positions.

New job opportunities

Connect job-seekers with new job opportunities

Job seekers can explore career opportunities that link their skills, interests, and education to roles and pathways within high-growth industries in their region.

WLE 2 - Healthy talent pipelines

Create and maintain healthy talent pipelines

Employers and workforce development agencies can build a local talent pipeline for high-growth industries and in-demand roles, calling out needed critical skills, values, training, and education.

Promote postsecondary education

Promote postsecondary education and training programs

Education and training partners can showcase how they address workforce training needs and can market their programs to students who are looking for help.

What is Work Learn Earn?

Work Learn Earn is a state-of-the-art online career exploration tool that empowers job seekers to discover career and educational pathways within a community. Economies thrive when employers can connect to a pipeline of skilled, knowledgeable and hire-ready talent.


Drive Meaningful Results for all Stakeholders

With Work Learn Earn from CAEL, communities can:

  • Align workforce, education, and industry
  • Highlight pathways to success
  • Popularize high-growth sectors and in-demand skills
  • Focus on their unique strengths and talents

Amplify A Community's Unique Strengths and Talents

CAEL configures Work Learn Earn to meet a community’s specific needs. It localizes an area’s industry sectors, career opportunities, job descriptions and education providers.

A lack of strategy or connectedness shouldn't prevent communities from moving forward with building a talent ecosystem. CAEL has deep expertise in working with communities to devise strategies for workforce and economic development, collaboration, and capacity building.

Whatever the challenges a community may face, our experts can help align the needs of educational, workforce and industry partners. We'll help get all the systems and stakeholders talking so that the power of the community can be fully realized.

CAEL can help position economies for successful growth. To learn more, contact us today.

Helping Tennessee Thrive

How the state of Tennessee aligned postsecondary and workforce resources on a statewide scale to create new career pathways for adults.

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