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‘Conversations With CAEL’: Amy Belcastro, Ph.D. of Southern Oregon University

Posted by CAEL

Amy Belcastro, Ph.D., is a professor with Southern Oregon University (SOU). Recently, CAEL chatted with her about some of the strides SOU is taking to serve adult working learners.

Amy has dedicated her career to issues around access to education. To our great fortune, that includes being an active member of CAEL. She is passionate about meeting students where they are. Jobs that formerly paid living wages for just a high school diploma have vanished. In SOU’s communities, they were often found in logging. These careers may be dwindling, but the rural milieu that framed them remains.

Amy stresses the outsized influence location has educational outcomes. Accessing postsecondary education in the traditional way is simply impossible for many, especially in rural areas. Yet access it they must. Securing a quality job requires skills, either through a degree or a certificate. In this installment of our “Conversations With CAEL” series, we look at how a holistic approach is serving adult learners while meeting broader workforce and community needs.

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