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Bend, Don’t Break: New Study Shows How Internal Employee Flexibility Pays Off

Talk to any qualified yogi and you’ll hear the same thing: flexibility is immensely beneficial. Turns out, employees stand to benefit from the principles of flexibility as well—job flexibility. But if the thought of your employees performing the figurative crescent lunge pose and reaching for other roles sends you into a tizzy, a new study by Future Workplace should help you see how employee flexibility is good for employers as well. 

UPDATE: Since this page was published, support for PathSavvy has moved! For PathSavvy’s new home, please click here. To explore CAEL's employer solutions, visit us here.

Time recently looked at the study, noting the mutual employee/employer benefits when employees are offered roles that provide line-of-sight into future internal opportunities. Employees greatly value feeling engaged, a feeling which employers can foster by increasing transparency—which the study notes 85 percent of HR respondents consider to be a priority—into future roles they could attain.      

Career mobility helps employers, too. By encouraging continuous learning and credentialing, employees are prepared to handle today’s increasingly complex jobs. This provides a cost-effective investment in the workforce that can help bridge the looming skills gap.  

Only 46 percent of survey respondents suggested that their organization is suitably transparent. That’s where career pathing software like CAEL’s PathSavvy can help. Solutions like PathSavvy provide employees with a valuable big picture view of skills and knowledge needed to transition into desired roles, while HR and managers can gain insight into employees’ skills and interests to help guide them into roles that would be a good fit.

To read Time’s article on the Future Workplace study, click here. To read the full report, Future Workplace Forecast: Navigating the Future of Work, click here.


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