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Chicagoland Businesses Swap Solutions and Successes for Veteran Employment with Veterans Working Group

It's no secret that military veterans make for exemplary employees. Driven, skilled and hardworking by nature, veterans bring the same determination that helped them serve our country with distinction to the workforce. Even though businesses are taking greater steps to hire these valuable employees, it's clear that there remain barriers between many veterans and would-be employers.

In response to the clear need to bridge the disconnect between veterans and businesses, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation joined forces to form the Veterans Working Group (VWG) as a community of knowledge dedicated to veteran employment efforts. Facilitated by CAEL, the group has progressed into an effective model of collaboration among employers and community partners, all seeking to make Chicagoland a better place for military veterans and servicemembers to live and work. With representatives from more than 40 Commercial Club employers and related community organizations, the VWG is unique in its approach.

In collaboration with VWG members and leadership, CAEL has developed a case study, Promoting Veteran Career Success Through Employer Partnership, which outlines the important work that the VWG has done to promote veteran career success and provides best practices for attracting, hiring and retaining veterans.

To download Promoting Veteran Career Success Through Employer Partnership, click here.

CAEL helps veterans achieve academic and career success. For more information on how CAEL works with businesses and higher education institutions to reach that goal, click here. To view additional CAEL publications covering military-connected students and veterans, click here.   

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