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Introducing Graduate-Level Prior Learning Assessment

Since the concept was developed in the 1970s, CAEL has been a leading advocate for prior learning assessment (PLA), a method of awarding credit for demonstrated evidence of prior learning. Now, building off its reputation as a leader in PLA development and advocacy, CAEL is introducing a PLA solution for a new audience: graduate students.

Beginning this month, CAEL will offer graduate-level portfolio assessment through its LearningCounts online portfolio assessment service. LearningCounts provides colleges and universities with PLA support, including student guidance, advisor training, portfolio evaluation and strategies for using PLA as a recruitment and retention tool.

LearningCounts has traditionally served students at the associate or bachelor's degree level. Now, institutions that join the LearningCounts network and opt to provide graduate-level assessment will be able to direct their graduate-level students to CAEL's self-directed course in how to develop a graduate-level portfolio. Students can then submit their portfolio, which will be evaluated by faculty assessors using the CAEL platform and a graduate-level rubric, to determine if credit should be awarded.

Graduate-level PLA is an exciting step forward for graduate students and the universities that serve them. As demonstrated in CAEL's landmark study 'Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success,' PLA has shown to improve graduation rates and decrease the average time for degree completion. 

Now, more students will have the opportunity to earn credit for prior learning, helping those already pursuing a graduate degree and encouraging those who are considering one.    

To learn more about CAEL's graduate-level PLA, click here.

Graduate-Level PLA with LearningCounts

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