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Q&A With CAEL Staff: Ashley Faubion

Ashley Faubion joined CAEL in 2022. As manager of initiatives, she directly supports projects that help build better access and more straightforward navigation to and through educational pathways leading to economic mobility for adult learners. Faubion brings a wealth of experience and expertise in enrollment management, advising, retention, and student experience, all focused on improving career and college readiness.


Whats your favorite example of CAELs impact?
CAEL is successful when we have made our clients achieve objectives they otherwise wouldn't have thought possible. Our partners gather the wood, but we get to be the spark that lights the fire. (HA, corny but I had to!)

What drew you to CAEL?

I have always had a special relationship with adult learners and the thought of helping others change the course of their life. When I heard the mission and values of CAEL, I knew it is where my heart belonged. 

If theres one piece of advice you could give adult learners and one piece of advice you could give to institutions/organizations committed to better serving them, what would it be?
To adult learners: We care. Ask for help, clarification, or guidance from anyone at the organization who is offering you the possibility to upskill. We all want you to succeed, and most likely if you are questioning something, one of your fellow learners is also needing the clarification. For organizations: Going a little above and beyond to cater to the adult learner population will help your organization more than you will realize. My life is forever changed from my time working with adult learners at CAEL and my past employers.  

What gives you the most hope about the future of the adult learner ecosystem?
Knowing that workforce development and higher education organizations are aware of the economic struggles for adults in their communities. Now, more than ever, we must all work together no matter our differences or industry sectors. 

What is the last book/movie you read/watched?
I recently took my daughter to see the new Little Mermaid.....I laughed, cried, LOVED every minute of it. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  
I have three little ones under 6, so we spend a lot of time outside in the Florida sunshine! My partner and I missed live entertainment so much during the pandemic that we are taking full advantage of concerts and comedy shows every chance we get! 

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