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Workforce Development Month - a Focus That Should Last All Year

As we reflect on Workforce Development Month, we are reminded that in a perfect world, education and employment would be ' well, perfectly aligned. Learners would be certain that that the credentials they have earned will be recognized as reliable evidence of work-relevant competencies. Whenever they needed to upskill or reskill, they would have access to seamless on- and off-ramps that propel them forward on parallel pathways of lifelong learning and career advancement. 

Thanks to efforts throughout the diverse CAEL community, we are moving closer to realizing our mission of linking learning and work to drive economic mobility for adult learners and equitable economic growth for the communities that depend on them. Below are some related resources we think you'll find useful not only during Workforce Development Month but every day of the year. After all, lifelong learning is a continuous journey, and so must be the collaboration among employers, education and training providers, and workforce developers.

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