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What Managers Are Really Looking For

Posted by Debra Steele

Topics: Workforce Development, Recruiting Talent, Best Practices, Talent Management

What_Managers_Are_Really_Looking_For.jpgIf you ask top management in any city what they’re concerned about, you will find they all have the same No. 1 answer: talent.

Three years of research at the University of Southern California showed that high-level executives from startups to Fortune 500 firms are concerned that their staff possess soft skills beyond specific engineering or business-field training.

Companies are looking for people who can work through their real challenges: innovation, shrinking product cycles, and industry disruption, writes Ernest J. Wilson II, a USC dean, for Fortune magazine.

Researchers then went on to come up with specific traits that would translate into filling the needs identified:

  1. Intellectual Curiosity
  2. 360-Degree Thinking
  3. Cultural Competence
  4. Empathy
  5. Adaptability

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