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Career Services Reinvention is Everywhere - Hear What Employers and Colleges are Saying About it

Do you ever notice that when you’re shopping for a new car and you decide on the car you want, that you begin to see that very car everywhere? It’s the most popular car on the highway – or so it seems.

For the past several months, something similar has been happening to us at CAEL. Last summer we were asked to help Miramar College, part of the San Diego Community College system, to “reimagine” its campus career services. The project was an outgrowth of the state’s Strong Workforce Program, with the ultimate goal to increase career and job placements for students in community colleges statewide. It was an exciting project and one that fit exactly into CAEL’s space of “linking learning to work.”

Imagine our surprise several months later when we began to see references to “reinventing career services” in several higher education publications. Soon, several of the major employers we work with began to tell us that the link between their local colleges wasn’t as strong as it could and should be – the system wasn’t addressing their talent requirements in the ways that they needed.

Get the picture? What started as a one-off project for a community college in California has taken shape as a rapidly emerging trend, and it’s one that CAEL is happy to be at the forefront of.

We’re guessing that you are seeing something similar happening where you are, and we’d love to know about it. To move the conversation forward, we are hosting a free webinar, Reinventing Career Services, on March 9 at 1:30 central time. In the webinar, we’ll provide more details around the career services trends we’re following, sharing perspectives from both employers and colleges. This webinar is available to everyone, and your attendance will help further the conversation on this very important topic.

Changes are definitely happening in career services. Join us on March 9 to see where it takes us.

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