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Intersect With Earl January 2023

As more appraisals of postsecondary (and even K-12) education take place through a workforce lens, the urgency of diverse, multiparty collaboration becomes even more important. Below you'll find several stories that 'intersect' with these issues along with some other updates, all of which I hope you'll find interesting. (We'll be discussing these and many more at our learning summit for postsecondary education and workforce development professionals in San Diego next month, so I hope you can join us.)

Collaboration key for financial institutions seeking healthy talent pipelines: The Atlanta Fed has released research showing that collaboration with education and training providers can help fill a $6 billion federal funding gap, and it just so happens that our very own Ashley Wilhelm is working with Truist Foundation on a national project to improve connections among postsecondary institutions, the financial services sector, and workforce development organizations to sustain career pathways that support economic mobility. 

Another pandemic-prompted perspective shift: A national survey of adults has found that college preparedness has fallen out of the top 10 U.S. priorities for K-12 education. In fact, it almost fell out of the top 50, landing at 47th of 57 categories (it was ranked 10th as recently as 2019). Meanwhile, career preparation rose from 27th to 6th place. But are these two concepts as alien as they are portrayed? Not when colleges embrace a holistic view of how education and employment intersect around the needs of adult learners and the potential they hold for their communities. College and career preparedness should be two sides of the same coin. 

Speaking of forward-thinking educators: The Clayton Christensen Institute caught up with eight higher ed leaders (including several CAEL members) to get their thoughts on what 2023 holds for their ongoing work to support adult learning excellence.

Community Colleges are taking center stage in national apprenticeship hub: The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) is partnering with Tesla and Panasonic to create the Electric Vehicles Hub and help meet soaring workforce demand in an industry that is being fueled by new policies as well as new technologies. 

It's the education benefits, silly: There is no question that low wages add to the plight of front line workers. Still, employers continue to be surprised that access to education and training is often the key to stemming turnover, a problem that, not surprisingly, afflicts front-line workforces at disproportionate rates. 

State government workforce development strategies, from specific to general: Oklahoma has created a Workforce Transformation Task Force, which is charged with consolidating the state's workforce development efforts into one organization. Meanwhile, the National Governors Association has compiled policy actions that governors can ponder when considering how to optimize public workforce systems.

Grant opportunity: The Heckscher Foundation for Children has launched a $3 Million Heckscher Foundation Challenge to New York colleges, CBOs, and employers to address skills gaps. Apply by April 30. And feel free to reach out to Matt Waltz at mwaltz@cael.org  if you're interested in joining a collaborative effort around this or any grant opportunity that would be a good fit for you or an effort you would like to be a part of.

CAEL member mention: Like any other urgent workforce need, weatherization depends on strong workforce development. Dominion Energy, an EPCE member, provided $600,000 in funding to the Hampton Roads Community Action Program to help serve the Virginia Peninsula's geographically challenged workforce.

Interested in learning more about CAEL memberships? Please visit us, and always feel free to contact us with questions or comments on any topic at cael@cael.org.

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Thanks for spending a moment with me at the intersection of learning and work. Until next time, happy reading.

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